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The Acupuncturist


Emotional Body?  What Does that mean exactly?  

I began my journey into private practice in 2012 after more than a decades long career in corporate life.  Along that journey in medicine I discovered that my best skills and gifts were in the area of the "difficult" or "stubborn" health issues and the emotional/spiritual/energetic body style of treatment to address them.

We have so many part doctors and specialists in this American culture.  Medical mechanics who know the parts and pieces and functions well enough to reconstruct, repair and medicate nearly any life threatening issue.  

When it comes to chronic illness, stubborn problems and pain a large part of our society finds too many dead ends and a medical system that is not set up for deeper listening and connecting the dots to see the big picture and new paths toward healing.  Not to mention the lack of training and education to stay and become well. 

Our being is clearly made of flesh, bone and blood, things we can touch, measure and feel.  There is however the more ethereal aspect to our being, those parts of ourselves sometimes called energetic, emotional, somatic, or spiritual bodies.  These aspects of our life, personalities and being cannot be measured but they are no less a part of our whole integrated self.  Our traumas, emotions and experiences can deeply impact our health and healing and through the wisdom of Ancient medicine we have been offered a key to a new world of possibilities in our health and healing journey.

Our bodies can and do literally hold experience, trauma and memory where our conscious mind may no longer remember or perhaps we were too young to hold conscious memory of the experience.  If you want to learn more about this my Patreon is a helpful source of low cost learning as well as the experience on the table. 

My previous career was in small business and then corporate life and in 2006 I began to seek a life change due to deep dissatisfaction and stress.  East Asian Medicine found me very unexpectedly and  I graduated with a 4 year Masters degree from Emperor's college in Santa Monica, CA.  I went on to become licensed and board certified in California, New Mexico and now Oregon.  I am also a Nationally certified as a Diplomate of Oreintal Medicine.  

I had a successful happy private practice in West Los Angeles from 2012 until March of 2020 and due to the COVID crisis I had to move out of state and restart my work.  From this Patreon was born and here we go! 


Visit me in Portland in person for treatment or anywhere on earth by phone for consultation and counseling or on Patreon for self help healing power!  

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